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PEFA Modelltechnik produces silencers and manifolds of aluminium for two stroke internal combustion engines in series and according to customer specification.
All silencers and manifolds are manufactured on our premises in Germany.
20 years of experience with the silencer exhaust gas technique in the aeroplane model construction stand for quality and are conform to the recent requirements.

Our silencer systems are tested continually with different engines for being able to offer an optimum technology.
Recommendations about displacement information match the reality. The damper size is always exactly adapted.
The length of the manifolds in connection with our dampers is tuned for a various number of engines.

We offer model construction articles in our shop, too, inter alia of the companies 3W Modellmotoren, Graupner, Robbe, Multiplex, Jamara, Krick.

We would be pleased to submit special conditions for traders personally.

We look forward to hearing - your Team of PEFA model technology!