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RD silencers
RDL silencers
RDL-80 silencers
RDL-150 silencers
KDSP silencers
Duo silencers
Tuned pipes


The RDL silencer is an "external aluminium silencer" with front inlet and outlet. The silencers offer a 4-chamber low pass surge baffle system, whereby an optimal sound absorption without loss of power is achieved. By the adjustment of the damper part at the beginning of the damper, a manifold length of ca 18 cm (depending on engine!) is necessary. Therefore the exhaust system is relatively short. The smoke connector is standard equipment from the type RDL 50.

The KDSP dampers were developed especially for petrol engines of the "New Generation". By the huge damper content as well as the special 4-chamber low-pass filter, the engine does not loose performance, with nevertheless optimum sound absorption. The dampers could be delivered optional with a straight or a 90 degree bent discharge pipe. The smoke connector is standard equipment from the type KDSP 50.

DUO dampers are 2in1 pot dampers with a 4-chamber damper system. They were developed especially for the use with boxer engines. Please indicate the engine type and span of the manifolds when ordering!

Tuned pipes are made completely of aluminium, with 4 chambers, damper part and baffle plate. The types RR5 to RR20 are equipped as standard with a pressure connection nipple.